Your pool deck may have looked amazing when it was first installed, but after years of wear and tear, the sun’s UV rays and heavy rain have likely caused discoloration. Additionally, chlorine, food spills, and colored drinks splashed on the surface can contribute to its deterioration. However, with the expertise of Jacksonville Concrete, we can upgrade cracks, fissures, and discolorations, transforming your tired-looking deck into one of beauty through pool deck resurfacing. Your swimming pool deck doesn’t have to remain unsightly when you choose the leading pool deck resurfacing contractor in the region.

Increased Safety Though your pool area is a thing of beauty, years of wear from fun and the elements may have made it look worn out. While it has been enjoyed by you and your guests, slipping and falling is a concern. Slips and falls are common injuries in pool areas, but with regular maintenance and pool deck resurfacing, you can increase safety. Consider the safety of all who enjoy your pool, including your beloved family pets, as slippery surfaces near the pool pose a risk. Pool deck resurfacing will create a surface that restores safety and enjoyment for everyone.

Heat Resistant When searching for “concrete coating near me,” Jacksonville Concrete provides exceptional workmanship for pool deck resurfacing. Our concrete coating sealers are top-rated and cooler to walk on compared to brick, pavers, and concrete when exposed to the sun. No longer will you need to worry about burning your feet on scorching surfaces. This is especially important for small children who are more susceptible to burns.

Cost-Effective Pool repairs and maintenance can strain your household budget, but pool deck resurfacing doesn’t have to break the bank. Instead of installing an entirely new pool deck, resurfacing offers a more affordable option. The costs of pool deck resurfacing with Jacksonville Concrete are affordable, making it a practical choice. Concrete coating not only looks good, withstands high heat, and is slip-resistant but is also far less expensive than other pool deck materials.

Why Hire Us Swimming pools are a valuable home feature, but proper maintenance is essential for safety. Pool deck resurfacing conducted by Jacksonville Concrete provides the safety needed for swimmers and protects your pool deck for years to come. Schedule A Call Today!

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